Blockchain for modern business network

The Enterprise Ethereum Blockchain cloud platform for building private, consortium business network.

Get Started

Easy to make blockchain

You can set up your own private, consortium, and customized blockchain in minutes.

Simple and easy to use

We have created a user interface that is easy for anyone to use without the need for training.

Enterprise grade

We support the operation of your blockchain network with support that is ready for enterprise production operations.

The G.U. Blockchain Cloud
supports efficient blockchain operations.

With just a few clicks, you can create, customize, and manage private and consortium chains of business, saving time and money in building them.

Easy to use UI/UX

Blockchain Cloud was created based on the theme of how to simplify the operation of complex blockchain networks. Even if you are not a very advanced engineer, you can easily create, operate, and maintain your own blockchain using Blockchain Cloud. Furthermore, it is easy to create and use consortium chains across organizations.

Easy to Create Blockchain

All you need to do to set up your blockchain network is to click a button and fill in the required information. After a few minutes of waiting, your network will be up and running, and the statistics screen will immediately show you that your network is up and running. You can also immediately start developing for a properly load-balanced and highly available blockchain network through the Endpoint URL for using the launched network.

Smart Monitoring

To operate a stable blockchain network, Operation tools are required. Blockchain Cloud’s per-node metrics screen allows you to easily check the status of each node, including CPU, memory, storage, and number of peers. You can graphically check various information such as CPU, memory, storage, number of peers, etc.

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