Building a blockchain infrastructure in 3 easy steps

Easy and low-cost initial installation for anyone.
Ethereum-compatible blockchain cloud service with functions and security that can be used in the enterprise domain.

3 features of the G.U. Blockchain Cloud

1. Easy initial installation for anyone

Anyone can build a blockchain service with advanced performance and security in 3 easy steps. with advanced performance and security.

2. Ease of use and full support system after installation

Simple, graphical and easy-to-use UI/UX. From post-operation maintenance We provide consistent support for blockchain business and development.

3. Low cost

Can be operated at prices as low as $49 and up. (→Click here for details) We can build and operate a blockchain at a low price for all kinds of test operations.

1. Anyone can easily implement the initial stage.

With a little learning, anyone can get started with blockchain in 3 easy steps. Through the Endpoint URL for using the launched network, development on a properly load-balanced and highly available blockchain network can begin immediately. Furthermore, cross-organizational consortium chains can be easily created and used.

2. Operability after introduction and full support system

In the enterprise domain, it is also essential to know how to maintain the blockchain that has been built.
In addition to the status of the blockchain, we have created a thoroughly user-friendly UI/UX that allows you to easily and graphically check various information such as server CPU, memory, storage, number of peers, and node logs.

3. Realization of low cost

Not only is it easy for anyone to use, but it can also be implemented at an overwhelmingly low cost. It is possible to build and operate a blockchain for about $558/month for a standard configuration for development, and about $1,000/month for a production environment.

G.U. Blockchain Cloud is an efficient and self-sustaining blockchain operation.

You can create a private or consortium chain for your business in a few clicks, customize it at will, and save time and money with a variety of help features.