About Blockchain Cloud

Welcome to our G.U. Blockchain Cloud service.

G.U. Blockchain Cloud is a web application service that allows anyone with minimal knowledge of Ethereum to easily create an Ethereum compatible blockchain network. By using this system, the time and effort required to create and operate a blockchain, which is generally very time-consuming to learn and operate, can be greatly reduced, allowing you toeasily start a blockchain business or build a system for sharing data among multiple organizations.

If you are not familiar with blockchain or Ethereum, please visit the links below to learn about blockchain first.

About Ethereum

About Ethereum

Ethereum is the world's largest blockchain infrastructure, supported by the world's largest blockchain-related community. The main network is supported by tens of thousands of nodes around the world, and is highly decentralized, making it ideal for use in systems that require global decentralization and auditability.

On the other hand, in the current Ethereum mainnet, due to the blockchain trilemma (the problem that it is difficult to solve decentralization, scalability, and security at the same time in a blockchain), anonymization is difficult due to the nature of a blockchain where all data is public. The nature of blockchains, where all data is public, makes them difficult to anonymize and raises privacy concerns, as well as slow transaction speeds and very expensive fees.

If you are building a new blockchain-based system, and the speed and unstable system fees mentioned above are a problem, or if you do not need global auditability or high interoperability for the system you are building, you can use a private or consortium network that is compatible with the Ethereum network. If you don't need global auditability or high interoperability for your system, you can set up a private blockchain compatible with the Ethereum network, or set up your own blockchain operated by multiple organizations, called a consortium network, to avoid the effects of the main network's speed and fee hike issues.

G.U. Blockchain Cloud is a service that makes it very easy to build and operate such a proprietary blockchain network.

Features of G.U. Blockchain Cloud

G.U. Blockchain Cloud has the following features.

  • With just a few clicks, anyone can launch their own Ethereum-compatible blockchain of up to about 1000tps.
  • Graphical display of detailed metrics and blockchain status. Minimize operational costs.
  • The launched chain will be hosted on Amazon Web Service and will be secured at the Enterprise level.
  • It provides blockchain-level support for consortium chain operations among multiple companies.
  • You can set detailed permissions for corporate use and can pay by credit card.

So let's get started.