Driving Digital Transformation
with Innovative Ideas and Technologies

We will promote Digital Transformation (DX) through advanced technologies and innovative ideas centered on Blockchain to realize overwhelming convenience for the economy and society, and safety and security for people.


  • G.U.Blockchain Cloud

    One click, Ethereum-compatible, high-speed Blockchain infrastructure is provided as BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) on AWS. Several plans are available to meet the objectives and needs of developers and users, from test use to full-scale operation for enterprises.

  • Provide solutions that promote DX

    We provide completely new solutions and services based on the Blockchain platform, developed in-house. By taking advantage of Blockchain's characteristics, such as its reliability as a means of authentication and its redundancy and high availability as a system, we will realize Digital Transformation (DX) in domains that are highly public and social.

  • Operation of a Blockchain consortium

    We will form a consortium of enterprises to support the construction of a Blockchain infrastructure and the Operation of services that are effective for the large-scale operation of a reliable Blockchain. A highly reliable Blockchain infrastructure is essential for the further Digital Transformation (DX) of society as a whole, and its early realization is eagerly awaited.


  • Daimei Inaba
    President & CEO
  • Hidekazu Kondo
    President & CTO
  • Ryo Onodera
    Executive Officer
  • Masako Namiki
    Executive Officer & Executive Project Manager

In this globalized world, when a change occurs somewhere, it spreads instantly.
The next revolution in this uncertain era will require the acquisition of new conveniences based on the security and safety of information.
To this end, we will promote a "Network of Digital Value Exchange" to contribute to social transformation and problem solving.
We will continue to promote Digital Transformation as a pillar of our management to contribute to the transformation of society and the resolution of issues by promoting "Digital Value Exchange Networks.

Corporate Information

Company name G.U.Technologies Inc.
Location 15F Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Establishment Date October, 2020.
Capital stock 101 million yen (including reserves) 
President & CEO Daimei Inaba
President & CTO Hidekazu Kondo
Group Companies G.U. Labs, Inc.

Business Description

  • Provision of G.U. Blockchain Cloud (BaaS)
  • Provision of solutions and services using blockchain infrastructure developed in-house
  • Operation of blockchain consortium by enterprise