Reference Composition
The prices below are the estimated prices for this configuration if you choose to use this configuration.
For Developer, Test
Small Cluster× 1$38
Blockchain Explorer + Storage (20GB)× 1$30
1 Small Node + Storage (30GB)× 1$55
Total ( per month )$123
For Small Production
Medium Cluster× 1$288
Blockchain Explorer + Storage (20GB)× 1$30
Medium Nodes + Storage (30 GB)× 8$105
Total ( per month )$1,158
For Business
Large Cluster× 1$1,480
Blockchain Explorer + Storage (20GB)× 1$30
Large Nodes + Storage (30 GB) × 12$205
Total ( per month )$3,970
For Enterprise
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The Enterprise Ethereum Blockchain cloud platform for building private, consortium business network.
If you want to use a cluster with more than small size and expect to use it for a long period of time, it is possible to pay the bills, so please contact us for more information.
If you want a customizable blockchain, including human support, you can choose the Enterprise plan, or contact us for an Enterprise plan.
Cluster TypeMicro, Small, Medium, LargeSmall, Medium, Large, Enterprise
Ethereum NodeMicro, Small, Medium, Large, Extra largeMicro, Small, Medium, Large, Extra large, Super Large
Blockchain Explorer
Multi User
Private Network
Consortium Network
Unlimited Endpoint
Multi Cluster
Multi Resion
Basic Support
Enterprise Support
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